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Great Ideas for a Summer Inspired Wedding Cake

If you are getting married on summer then planning the perfect summer wedding is definitely the most exciting thing that you can do. There are quite a few things that needs to be planned when someone is planning to get married. Of the many things that needs to be planned, planning a wedding cake is also very important.

So, how should you go about planning for the ideal summer wedding cake? Here are some of the best ideas that you can definitely try if you are planning for the perfect summer wedding cake.

  • Enjoy With some Summertime Flavors Summer is a season of taste and flavor and certainly you can bring in this idea into your wedding cake. You can definitely add light fruity flavors on your summer wedding cake to make it much more summer inspired. You can make use of fruits that are in for the summer season when you are trying to decide on the perfect summer wedding cake
  • Make Your Cake A Fruity Cake. Apart from adding fruity flavors to your wedding cake, putting in some real summer fruits can indeed make them more summer inspired. Adding a bit of fruits to the wedding cake design and look will make it look more attractive and pleasing to the eye.
  • Hot Summer Hues. Summer is the season which is hot and there are also some hot colors to herald this season. You can also incorporate this summer sign on your summer wedding cake. You can incorporate a fresh summer look on your wedding cake through choosing bright as well as bold colors as accents for your wedding cake. Among the various colors you can certainly try purple of various hues apart from also trying pink and coral as other color choices. Some type of pale pink colors and dashes of green can also be added along with some yellow accents to your summer wedding cake.
  • Coral wedding cakes are elegant. If your marriage is being planned near the beach or if it is going to be a beach wedding then coral wedding cakes are the most ideal choices. Coral wedding cakes are not only elegant to look at but they are also a good option to spice up your summer wedding.
  • Decorations for the Season If you so feel, you are always at liberty to add a bit of summer tinge to your summer wedding cake. The concept of summer can be best brought out by adding decorations that fit properly with the summer season. You use some appropriate flower designs and putting hem into the wedding cake design can also be tried. You can even try to match your cake’s floral design with your bouquet. Fresh summer flowers can be incorporated into the tiers of your cake to give your wedding cake an original and sophisticated look for your perfect day.

wedding soeveniers

“Heavenly Gifts”

Cake Angel strives for innovative and cost effective ways for brides to make their wedding, a day to remember and what better way to thank your guests with a gift that doesn’t cost you a fortune yet still is elegant and tasteful. We offer brides the option of having the top tier of her wedding cake made into individual mini cakes and packaged into gift boxes for their guests to take home. In this way, your guests will receive  heartfelt gratitude for experiencing and attending your  auspicious wedding.

For more information on heavenly gifts leave your details on the contact us page and we will respond to your request in 24 hours.

Yours Heavenly

Cake Angel



Tips for cake tasting sessions

A fun, and very delicious, part of the wedding planning process is going for a cake tasting session. However, as excited about this part as you are, it is important to be prepared. Here are a few tips

Inform the baker of what you are mostly interested in. For example if you have your heart set on a chocolate cake with a coffee cream flavored filling, let him know so that he can prepare the best samples for you. Alternatively, if you are completely undecided, ask for a wide variety of samples to be presented to you. Usually, bakers only expect two people to attend the tasting; however, if you wish for your mother or maid of honor to attend, you will need to let the baker know that other people are attending. Your party should only contain a maximum of 4 people. Furthermore, if anyone in your party has any food allergies, the baker should also be given this information.

On the day of your tasting appointment, try to eat a light and small meal as you will be tasting a lot of sweet and creamy food so you do not want to overload your stomach. Take a pen and a piece of paper with you to record what flavours you may have liked or disliked. If you are deciding to be extra organized, some couples like to take a camera with them to take pictures for a more vivid reminder later of each filling.

Your cakes will either be brought to you ‘naked’ or ‘fully prepared’. Naked tasters will be brought out separately, i.e. the icing, sponge and filling will all be tasted on separate dishes to give you an idea of what each one taste like individually. A fully prepared taster will take the form of a normal slice of cake, with all aspects incorporated. Take your time in tasting, recording what you liked or disliked about the texture, moisture and flavor. Clean your palette in between each taster either with water, or with sorbet, which most bakers will provide you with specifically for this purpose. Ask your baker questions as you go along, if something is too sweet or too plain, ask if it can be modified.



“All that Glitters can be Eaten”

Diamantes, crystals, brooches and pearls are all part of a brides wedding gown on her big day, but it dosen’t have to stop with her wedding dress. Jewels like these can now  be put on her wedding cake and  be completely edible and tasty as well.

Cake Angel’s designs are inspired by haute couture and wedding cakes can now be decorated with edible jewellery, be it diamantes to match your wedding gown or a sentimental antique brooch that is a family heirloom. We can incorporate all this into your wedding cake and the best part…everything will be delicious chocolate and a master piece in its own right!


”Fresh out of Heaven…”

At Cake Angel we have invented a totally new and revolutionery  alternative to the traditional wedding cake.  The chocolate loving bride will find this irrestitable.  We  are now offering brides an option of having CHOCOLATE BROWNIES made into mini wedding cakes and served to guests as the dessert. This idea is cost efficient yet still allows the bride to have the glory of a wedding cake.

These mini cake brownies can be arranged in tiers just like a wedding cake and decorated with various styles including piped lace work , sugar flowers etc. It can be completely customised to suit the bridal couples theme and colours.